Something to share

Food and art are central features of “Something I Ate”, a platform for creatives to connect, collaborate and socialise.

Food is central to life, but more than that, food is something from which we derive pleasure, satisfaction, energy and inspiration. With this is mind, Kat Popiel and Sam Kim started “Something I Ate”, a seasonal food and art event in New York.

The event brings together a diverse range of creatives, working as a platform for connecting, networking and socialising. Prior to the event invited creatives are asked to keep a food diary, tracking the food that they consume over a seven-day period. These food diaries then become the inspiration for the menu for the Something I Ate event. Each artist is also asked to produce an artwork inspired by their documented diet.

Creatives can produce the artwork in the medium of their choice but rather than being art curators, Popiel and Kim simply use Something I Ate as a platform for “creatives to converge using food and drink as a vehicle for connectivity”. For the duo it is also sharing perceptions of food in everyday life and giving creatives a dynamic atmosphere for networking with other creatives.

Something I Ate is currently in its third iteration. The format and concept of each event remains the same, only the venue, food and drink sponsors, and the DJ changes.

Popiel launched the food magazine On Plate, Still Hungry and Sam Kim is the founder of Skimkim, a range of Korean-American condiments.