Sneaker showcase

Karim Rashid has designed the exhibition space for the "Out of the Box" exhibition, showcasing the history of the sneaker.

From the Series

Karim Rashid has designed a dynamic exhibition that presents visitors with the history of the ever-popular sneaker.  

Out of the Box is the first exhibition in North America to showcase the history of sneaker culture. Featuring 120 sneakers on top of translucent acrylic pedestals, the exhibition represents the past 150 years of casual footwear design.  

Highlighting iconic sneakers from the 20th and 21st century, Rashid’s design of the exhibition reinforces the leaps and bounds made by the development of the sneaker and its place within the flux, speed and charge of society. 

As a designer, I also tend towards the running shoe as a shoe of choice due to its great advances in technology, materials, performance, design and style. It seems the opportunity of experimentation is endless and I wanted to reflect this in my exhibition design, says Rashid

Out of the Box is on display at the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, Canada until April 2014.