Skype type

Crowdsourcing is all the rage. And now a new variant of this method is using Skype to create a unique typeface.

Creating a font out of your own handwriting was cool, but oh so last year. It’s all about interaction, connection and crowdsourcing these days.

So Israeli “typographic experimentalist” Oded Ezer has come up with a fun and innovative way of creating your own crowdsourced typeface. “Skype Type” is a project that gets different people from different countries to create a single letterform. A photograph of the letter and its designer is then taken with Skype’s print screen function.

Ezer was inspired and influenced by the “visual possibilities of Skype’s video conferencing and social networks”.

And Skype Type is proving to have some appeal. Print magazine are running a double page spread with the words “every improvement in communication makes the truth less visible” in Skype Type in their August 2010 issue. Ezer also used the font to design a poster for the Krakow Jewish Festival in Poland.

Watch the Talk with Oded Ezer