Sign posted

Matali Crasset’s way finding system for the Royal Fontevraud Abbey adds an element of exploration to a site visit.

Matali Crasset has designed a series of way finding signage for the Royal Fontevraud Abbey in France, a religious building that also hosts a cultural centre.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Fontevraud is a space that encourages visitors to get lost and find their way again. Crasset’s signage system is essentially a network of lines, both visible and invisible, that outlines the various paths that visitors can take to explore the site.

The different lines separate and come together again in a way that is informative, directional, practical and even amusing. On a more subtle level, the signage also encourages visitors to stop, read and look around for information that they might otherwise not have thought to explore.

Aimed to be non-invasive, the signage is like a feint line around the different areas. Aluminium, in different colours, was the main material used for the signage.

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