Shopping in style

Stylish, silent, sexy, Italian and great for shopping. The Shoppy Bike sounds like many a stylista's dream...

From the Series

Most of the time, being practical and chic is a big ask. We all know that we should be looking at alternative, less carbon intensive, ways of transporting ourselves around the city but there are also few bums that look beautiful on bicycles.

So the Shoppy Bike came along to fix all this. And it came from Italy (where else?). The ideal unisex city bike, the Shoppy Bike with its sleek design and avant-garde mechanism brings together innovation, functionality and, of course, style. Made entirely of aluminium but with a toothed belt drive, the bike is also clean, silent and ecological.

Developed by Officine Meccaniche Sereni, the bike is great for zipping around in city traffic in a design that draws on classic Italian style and craftsmanship. They’re also available in different colours (to match your outfit) from raucous red to more trendy shades of green and lilac.