Seats of poetry

The "Manuscripts" (Seats of Poetry) by Paul Cocksedge is an installation that highlights an exchange of words, poetry and knowledge between two cultures.

Paul Cocksedge Studio has created the "Manuscripts" sculptural design project for the Beijing Design Week taking place from 26 September to 3 October in the Chinese city.

Subtitled “Seats of Poetry”, the installation is set to be one of the highlights of the festival, which features London as its guest city.

"Manuscripts" is a celebration of manuscript paper, a Chinese invention and the foundation of global literacy, literature and communication. It is also an extension of Cocksedge’s interest in inspirational materials and the potential it has to morph into something different.

Measuring 20 metres long and 6.7 metres high, "Manuscripts" can be seen as a monument to the industrial capability of China. The complex seating structure is made up of individual seats, precisely fabricated and assembled by local manufacturers.

When viewing "Manuscripts" up close, one notices rolled steel pages inscribed with poems, selected from both Chinese and English sources. More than an installation, “Manuscripts” draws again to the exchange of words, poetry and knowledge between London and Beijing.