Safe bike

By locking the handlebars of a bicycle, the Senza bike lock system makes it virtually impossible to steal this friendly mode of transport.

The Senza bike lock system not only makes it easy to lock your bicycle but it also eliminates the need to carry a separate lock.

Designed and patented by American designer Jaryn Miller, the Senza transforms the bike’s handlebars into a locking mechanism.

The handlebars are separated into three pieces, with the centre piece remaining in place on the bicycle frame while the two removable handles are fitted together to form the lock.

Senza easily fits handlebars with larger diameters and makes it easy to lock a bicycle onto a wide range of objects. Even if the lock is broken the handlebars will not be functional, thus making it very hard to ride the bike.

A lock on the rear of the bike secures the back tyre to the seat post, adding another useful safety feature.