Rainbow threads

Gabriel Dawe's intriguing thread and textile installation comments on the human experience.

Drawing on the richness and diversity of the culture he was born in, Mexican-born artist Gabriel Dawe creates vibrant, and somewhat mysterious, 3D installations using Gütermann thread.

With thread and textiles Dawe creates large-scale installations that reflect “environments that deal with notions of social construction and their relation to evolutionary theory and the self-organising force of nature”.

Dawe is obsessed with depicting things that are invisible to the naked eye but intimately part of the human experience. The Plexus series of works (pictured here) are site-specific installations made with colourful thread and built in accordance to the location where they are built, to generate a playful interaction between structure and space.

The Plexus installation is about the human need for shelter, reflected by combining sewing thread and architectural concepts.