Quirky map reveals the hidden gems of Addis Ababa

Mapping Africa's dynamic cities .

Accidental cartographer Kirsty Henderson is currently crowdfunding for her second quirky map. Known for her first creation, a map of Kigali, Rwanda, Henderson says the dynamic city of Addis Ababa in Ghana was the logical next step to her illustrative cartography.

“African capital cities have long been neglected by the world of mapmakers – something that I think is crazy and am working hard towards changing!” says Henderson.

The Map – Kigali is the first in what Henderson hopes will be a series of maps of African capital cities aimed at foreign residents, tourists, and lifelong locals.

The Map – Addis aims to be user-friendly, highlight local businesses and provide anyone with the confidence to explore the city.

After a number of setbacks in Ethiopia, Henderson decided to take her business online. She plans to launch the second map using online retail giant Amazon.

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