Private space

Softshelter is a flexible and simple paper solution for creating private spaces within shelters in disaster-stricken areas.

A cleverly designed system of paper partitions is the ideal solutions for creating private spaces at shelters set up in the wake of disaster.

Designed by Vancouver-based studio Molo, Softshelter is a system of kraft paper walls that can easily be contracted or expanded to create small partitions within a larger space. The aim is to allow people in dire circumstances to maintain a sense of dignity by having access to a small private space.

The paper walls are joined with detachable magnetic panels. It takes minimal effort, very little manpower and no tools to construct this shelter-within-a-shelter. The units are also flat-packed, which makes for easy transportation and storage for when they are no longer needed.

Softshelter can be adapted to create individual rooms or they can be arranged to create joined rooms and corridors. The walls can also be made to work in irregular spaces.

Softshelter is part of Molo’s ongoing research-driven exploration of materials, fabrication techniques and space-making with a focus on enhancing common daily ritual and flexible use of space.

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