Pimp My Carroca celebrates recycling carts in Brazil

A crowdfunded initiative looks to educate the public about the plight of waste collectors by pimping carrocas.

Brazilian artist Thiago Mundano has used his craft to promote the important role of the carrocas of Sao Paulo. The waste collectors' driving carts are integral to the city’s recycling scheme but are critically underused. The city only recycles one per cent of the 6.5 million tons of rubbish it produces per year.

Pimp My Carroca is a scheme designed to make recycling more attractive through art and highlight the plight of the cart operators. According to the initiative’s website, the cart operators are often marginalised in society despite the necessity of their work.

A team of artists and volunteers, led by Mundano, enhanced the carts by adding security installations, making repairs and adding paintings from renowned artists, which aim to educate society while providing cart operators with a voice.

The entire “pimping” process takes place during a day of cultural celebration in which the public watches as the cart is transformed. Called “a day of public intervention”, viewers are also treated to music, workshops, and opportunities to volunteer.

The initiative was funded by a successful crowdfunding campaign through Brazilian platform Catarse. It has already helped hundreds of collectors in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba.

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