Photobook captures an orphaned elephant’s journey back to the wild

In a series of black and white photographs, this photo book takes a stand against poaching in Zambia.

Poaching has almost wiped out Zambia’s rhino population and is threatening to do the same to its wild elephants. According to the Elephant Orphanage in Zambia, there are only 25 000 elephants left out of what was once a population of 250 000. When the adults are killed for their tusks, poachers leave behind the orphaned calves who would be unable to care for themselves without the help of the orphanage. UK-born photographer and safari guide Andrew White has over the past six years managed to capture unique moments in the lives of these orphaned elephants. Using a Kickstarter campaign, he hopes to launch a photography book that celebrates the rehabilitation of 15 elephants.

“With some of these orphans now in the final stages of their rehabilitation back into the wild, this book is the perfect opportunity to share 40 photographs of their young lives growing up within the Elephant Orphanage in Zambia,” wrote White.

Titled “An Elephant Called Zambezi”, the handcrafted book features written accounts from White and the elephants’ keepers.