Origami-inspired dress fits at every stage of pregnancy

Designers have come up with a wearable flexible enough to expand with its pregnant user.

Pregnancy can place a severe stress on your wardrobe and subsequently your budget. Taking this into account, We-Are-Able have designed an origami-inspired dress able to adapt to every period of the wearer’s pregnancy.

Entered into the 2015 Reshape Wearable Technology Competition, the project focuses on human comfort and flexibility during pregnancy using an origami design.

The dress was made from triangle modules that compose an origami pattern. These patterns form an entire dress. The origami fold opens and increases in size as the wearer’s belly and breasts expand during pregnancy.

Designed using a perforated polyester material, the dress provides flexibility and air ventilation. The production process combines computer simulations, laser cutters and robotics to complete the intricate pattern.

“Our goal is to bring design with functionality to help people in their everyday life experiences. We believe a new technology is efficient only if it is perfectly simple,” say the project’s creators.

This could be the maternity wear of the future. 

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