Oriental influences

Anna Raimondo's SMITH Jewellery collection draws inspiration from Japanese art, trinkets and paper cuttings.

Art books, kimono designs and paper cuttings are just some of the typically Japanese things that local designer Anna Raimondo draws inspiration from for her jewellery designs.

Raimondo has always been fascinated by oriental trinkets, an influence that can be noted in her recently launched SMITH Jewellery collection.

It’s is especially her interest in paper cuttings that influenced her jewellery designs. Raimondo explains. “I have hand-sawn each jewel and layered picture to create an intricate and light effect.”

The Fringe on Kloof in Cape Town showcased Raimondo’s work in a window exhibition. Today, 26 December 2011, is the last day to get a glimpse of this exhibition. The exhibition includes a jewellery window, and a window with framed pictures created out of different layers of metal, as well as picture frames embellished with different designs.