Oded Ezer designs the Life/Death t-shirt

Tel Aviv-based graphic design artist Oded Exer designed a t-shirt to help refugees.

Graphic designer and typographer, Oded Ezer, designed the Life/Death t-shirt for the people escaping their war-torn home countries. The Tel Aviv-based artist came up with the design for Grafist, the annual Istanbul Graphic Design Week exhibition. This year’s exhibition, Crossing the Frontiers, looked at pertinent issues concerning refugees.

The t-shirt responds to the refugee crises in Syria and other war zones around the world. The signage on the shirt is intended to indicate to any police officers, soldiers, journalists and other officials of the wearer’s status as a refugee and that they are in need of help.

The text needs to be printed and cut out and then used as a stencil to paint the message onto any t-shirt. The design was intended to be easy and quick for people who run the risk of becoming refugees, and who are forced to leave their homes with haste.  

LifeDeath t shirt by Oded Ezer
LifeDeath t shirt by Oded Ezer

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