Obama 30 Reasons

30 days. 30 designers. 30 reasons to re-elect President Obama.

As part of the 30-day countdown to the 2012 US election, a new poster representing a reason to re-elect President Obama was created for each day. They feature some of the best designers and artists in America including: Woody Pirtle, Hieronymus, Ellen Lupton, Matt Dorfman, Paul Sahre, Michael Bierut, Brett Yasko, Elizabeth Amorose, Scott Stowell, Neil Donnelly, Michael Freimuth, Adam Snetman,  Larkin Werner, Chaz Maviyane-Davies and many more. These posters are created to provide powerful visual messages and the facts to back them up, with the call-to-action:

"Let's stop the misinformation and give voters 30 reasons to vote for Barack Obama in November."

Watch the Trailer with Michael Bierut