No bad colours

Ron Arad's vision for a productive working environment is a colour-changing wall that stimulates the work ethic of employees.

From the Series

In the blink of an eye and at the touch of a button workplace marble is transformed into a rich shade of gold, encouraging increased productivity in company employees.

London-based designer Ron Arad’s vision for a new-age workstation is realised in his “No Bad Colours” creation, which is part of Jean Nouvel’s Office for Living installation.

The workstation is a simple black box accompanied by a desk and shelves set against a spring-themed colour-changing wall. The user is able to change the design, pattern and colour of the wall from green to gold through the use of Bluetooth technology controlled by their desktop, laptop or smartphone. The colour of the wall is able to change instantly or fades slowly depending on the number of electric pulses applied to a layer of fluid held between two transparent sheets.

We are talking about reflecting rather than transmitting colours, so we don’t require backlit panels and the surfaces enjoy rather than suffer from external light, says Arad.

“No Bad Colours” is the first instalment of Arad’s Active True Colours series, which seeks to deliver a nearly endless spectrum of yet-to-be imagined original designs, natural colours, patterns and architectural finishes that can be applied to virtually any surface.

“No Bad Colours” is on display at Milan Furniture Fair until 14 April 2013.