Nigerian artist uses posters to tackle issues of climate change

Nigerian artist Fred Martins uses art to trigger an emotional response in the viewer and to convey a serious message about climate change.

Nigerian-born visual, graphic and surreal artist Fred Martins realised early on in his career that making pretty things wasn’t enough. He decided that using creativity to trigger an emotional response in the viewer was an important part of creating. 

Martins focusses on how art can create positive change on society, and is currently working within advertising and direct media. Some of his recent posters, which tackle the issue of global warming and its effects on the natural world, have been published by the United Nations on their Global Goals campaign.

Martins is the art director for the Italian-Nigerian Festival of Cultures, and is working on a book of his own, Memoir – Of gods, masquerades and men, which will be published soon and has already received good reviews from his fellow authors.