A new hydroelectric canal reuses fresh and marine water to provide electricity

This Hydroelectric project reconnects and reuses fresh and marine water systems.

Hydroelectric Canal Dam Project proposal

Many parts of the world are facing a water crisis. Environmental changes are putting a strain on ecosystem functions and their ability to support human activities. This Hydroelectric Canal aims to harness clean energy through hydropower generation from tidal changes and storm surges.

It is meant to reconnect and reuse fresh and marine water systems.

The project is headed by Paul Lukez Architecture (PLA) and was a finalist in the 2015 Boston Living with Water International Competition, Infrastructure Category.

The design will pave a channel through Columbia Point to connect the northern Old Harbor with the southern Savin Hill Cove in Boston, Massachusetts. The new Morrissey Channel will capture rising sea levels and tidal changes and embrace the ebb and flow of natural water currents to generate hydroelectric energy through advanced turbine technologies. This will provide electricity and help to build lively public spaces.

For the project to be successful, there shall be partnerships between the public and private sector. This is to create sustainable infrastructure that reduces risk to neighbouring communities and investors.

Boston Hydroelectric Canal

The Hydroelectric Canal