A new-age Noah's Ark has been conceived

The Noah’s Ark project will be the most technologically advanced conservation centre ever conceived

A new-age Noah's Ark has been conceived, aiming to preserve every species on the planet. Noah’s Ark Africa will be built in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa and the R100 billion (about 5 billion GBP) conservation project is the vision of British entrepreneur Richard Prinsloo Curson. 

He is hoping to crowdfund the sanctuary in a bid to preserve endangered animal life.

Richard Prinsloo Curson said in a statement: “The animal kingdom is at crisis point. Climate change, over-development, farming, ocean plastic, big game hunting and poaching are driving thousands of species off the face of the planet.

‘We owe it to future generations to preserve the natural world, or our children will be left fighting the horrific consequences of climate change to survive.”

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