Net works

A large net installation encourages child-like exploration while also hoping to help re-integrate communities.
Posted 22 Aug 11 By Design Indaba Creative Work / Design News Comments

Imagine you’re inside a spider’s web or that you’re able to freely roam around a giant net, in the form of an interesting floating landscape.

At the Z33 House for contemporary art in Belgium that is exactly what you’re able to do. Design collective Numen/For Use’s Net project is a site-specific installation that promises to intrigue both children and adults.

Net consists of flexible nets, suspended in layers from the walls and ceiling. Visitors simply need to take off their shoes before being allowed to explore the Net to their heart’s content.

Numen/For Use explain that the project evolved from their interest in “transparent artificial landscapes of ephemeral architecture in public space”. More importantly, Net creates “a net(work) for the integration of neighbourhoods who became alienated in recent years, a kind of public balcony for a future community”.

The installation will be at Z33 until 2 October 2011.