Musical feats

Spinning right round: Feats Per Minute have developed a prototype bicycle that has a record player on the back wheel. Long live vinyl!

There's nothing quite like listening to your favourite tunes while riding your bicycle. Rather than your iPod, here's a bike that makes provision for your vinyl collection.

Dutch design trio Feats Per Minute have built a prototype bicycle that makes enjoying your vinyl collection on the go possible.

By incorporating a turntable into the rear wheel of a bicycle, the record is able to spin when the wheel of the bicycle does. The sound from the record then plays out through a horn at the back of the bike.

To keep thing low-tech the designers reconstructed a 30-year-old Alpina bike and made it as user-friendly as possible. Alterations to the bike’s structure makes changing records easy while tweaks to the crank and chain ensure that records don’t skip. The record screws onto the bike frame with a small cap while the needle is spring-loaded to keep it steady.

The catch is that the records won’t play unless you cycle at a consistent speed, which could be challenging. The neon yellow splashed on the seat and the pink handlebars add a hot retro feel to the bike.

Video courtesy of Dezeen.

All images courtesy of Feats Per Minute.