Mumbai's iconic cabs used to showcase emerging designers

Young designers are using Mumbai's taxis to take art to the people with the Taxi Fabric project.

Indian designers in Mumbai are using taxi seats as a canvas to show off their work. Taxi cabs are a big part of the city's cultural heritage and cab owners take pride in making their cab stand out from their competitors using stickers, lights and colour. But seats are often ignored and forgotten, fitted for practicality rather than design. This is where Taxi Fabric comes in. The largely self-funded project connects young Indian designers with taxi cab drivers, giving them a platform to show off their storytelling skills.

Many people don't know that design can create a real impact. With so few spaces for young people to show off their skills, it's hard to change that perception. - Taxi Fabric website.

The project has managed to complete six taxis so far, with the help of a Kickstarter campaign. The crowd-funding initiative generated £8 000.

The project has since stretched its target to £10 000 to help 30 designers have their work  printed, stitched and fitted onto a Mumbai taxi seats.

Ultimately, the project hopes to change the perception amongst older generations in India, who believe that design is not a worthwhile occupation.

"We want to help Indian designers have their work not only be seen but also allow them to connect with members of the public who up until now perhaps haven't understood that design can tell stories and create emotions," says Taxi Fabric.