At the movies

Matali Crasset's design for the Cinéma Nouvel Odéon in Paris aims to transform the theatre experience to make it more engaging.

The Cinéma Nouvel Odéon is a one-room cinema in Saint Germain Des Pres in Paris and is used for the independent films of distributor Haut et Court. Recently it benefited from the creative enchantment of Parisian designer Matali Crasset.

Designed in a way that allows the cinema to be used for various events and meetings, the formal structure of the building was adapted to create a more engaging experience.

Large windows look onto the street, as a means of inviting and welcoming patrons. A centrally located café encourages visitors to socialise and discuss the films or events. Big white metal structures take the place of stage curtains while the theatre technology is left exposed to function as a work of art in itself.

The theatre experience is enhanced by the best projection and sound equipment, while the chairs have storage space for personal items. An added feature is that the last row of chairs can be turned such that they turn into a long table.

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