Mountain wraparound

Fanakalo’s wine label designs for Helderberg Wijnmakerij are bold and edgy, sure to catch the eye.

Being one of the world’s top wine producers, South Africa is a very competitive market for the fruits of the vine. Helderberg Wijnmakerij therefore understand the importance of fresh and edgy branding and packaging to help establish a unique identity.

Fanakalo Visual Communication Studio in Stellenbosch took to task and came up with a wraparound label that serves its purpose well. The label had to be visually striking, as well as tactile. This was achieved by illustrating the mountain to look like a lino-cut design rather than the conventional way of etching mountains in a design. Fanakalo extended this look by embossing the clouds above the mountain and making the barcode on the side of the label work as part of the design.

The final design manages to be well-balanced, appearing to be just black and white from afar. Closer inspection reveals that every square centimeter of the label has been covered by design. Now to open the bottle…

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