Mobile sauna

Keen for a steamy session? Enjoy one on the move with the Bicycle Sauna by H3T Architects.

Having the time to enjoy a session in the sauna is a real luxury for some. But what if you have your time in the sauna while travelling to where you need to be next?

Czech Repubilc-based H3T Architects have developed the Bicycle Sauna where you can sweat away in pod pulled by a tandem bicycle.

The Bicycle Sauna uses light and durable materials, making it easy to pull with a bike. The sauna pod can accommodate about six people and is clad in translucent panels. Inside the sauna is a fireplace with a protruding chimney from which smoke is released, along with wooden benches to sit on.

Getting inside the sauna is easy too. There’s a slit on an elastic membrane, which ensures that the heat is kept inside when the sauna is being used.

H3T wanted to explores portable architecture projects with the Bicycle Sauna. The idea is also that the sauna can be driven to wherever it is needed, to create a relaxing little haven right on the spot and thus it interacts with its immediate surroundings.

A democratisation of the sauna, if you like.

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