Milan by foot

Nendo redesigns the fourth floor of the la Rinascente department store in Milan, providing visitors with a constantly changing spacial experience.

From the Series

Giving visitors a tangible sense of the city landscape, Nendo has redesigned the fourth floor of the la Rinascente department store in Milan.

In the hope of condensing the excitement and pleasure of exploring Milan by foot, Japanese design studio Nendo has redesigned the interior of one of Milan’s prominent buildings to serve as a constantly changing spatial experience, appearing to visitors as though they were in fact walking through the streets of Milan.

To function as subtle space dividers, Nendo installed 17 large windows, reminiscent of those seen around the city, and applied an opaque film to the glass. When looked at from an angle the dividers appear as symbolic impressions of courtyard gardens and public squares, while remaining transparent when viewed directly. This allows products to suddenly appear and fade in front of shoppers to create an experience of a constantly changing Milanese environment.

Hangers, shelving units and other shop fixtures provide a soft impression, much like a half-hidden curtain viewed from outside through a window.