Memorising animals

The quirky characters from Christoph Niemann's highly-acclaimed digital Petting Zoo app now make their debut in a tactile, analogue memory game.

Christoph Niemann’s first interactive picture book is a delightful menagerie of 21 illustrated, animated characters. The Petting Zoo app combines the charm of hand-drawn animations and Niemann’s wry humour with state-of-the-art technology and was first launched at Design Indaba Conference 2013.

Now, the lovable app’s illustrations are feature in a colourful memory game for Gestalten. The broad range of personalities created by the renowned graphic designer and illustrator proved to be popular for children and adults alike. With an extended character cast, the memory game features 36 whimsical hand-drawn characters including a crocodile, dog, elephant and more.

The game is simple: Arrange all 36 cards face down and then take turns to flip over a pair at a time. The trick is to remember and reveal where a matching pair of characters are hiding. The cards, which are made out of stable cardboard, can easily be grasped by even the smallest hands and are made to last.

The Petting Zoo Memo Game is not only a “must-have” for fans of Niemann’s work, but also an attractive gift for any occasion. 

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