Making headlines

Nike’s innovate “Write the future” campaign is making bold soccer headlines on the Southern Life Centre in Jo'burg.

Social media and the World Cup are probably two of the most popular activities in the world at the moment. So merging the two for an interactive experience is a really good idea and Nike’s just doing it.

Nike’s “Write the Future” campaign allows football fans to submit their 57-character messages of support or encouragement through Facebook, Twitter, MXit (a South African mobile social network) or QQ (a Chinese social network).

Every night 100 messages sent in by fans are selected to be displayed on a giant LED screen on the Southern Life Centre in Jo'burg’s CBD. Fans can also choose an animated image of their favourite football star to accompany the text.

The Southern Life Centre is one of the highest skyscrapers in Jo'burg so fans can see the messages from all over the city.

The screen, which is 44 metres high and 42 metres wide, is the largest interactive LED screen in Africa. It was hoisted up 30 storeys high, for maximum effect.

When a message is chosen for display, the fan receives a personalised notification on their chosen social network with a picture of the headline and the accompanying image of their soccer player of choice.