Magnetic trailer park attraction

There aint nothing trashy about Grolsch’s magnetic Airstream in the Old Mac Daddy rural trailer park in the beautiful Elgin Valley.

Beer company Grolsch and maverick hoteliers the Grand Daddy Group have allowed their creative juices to flow together in the group’s latest venture, the Old Mac Daddy rural trailer park.

Grolsch commissioned design agency Coley Porter Bell to refit and decorate an Airstream trailer for the Old Mac Daddy rural trailer park in the Elgin Valley outside Cape Town.

The creative process resulted in an interior made entirely of magnetic materials. Visitors can use a variety of magnets to create a variable, modular environment that people can reconfigure, explore and play with. All the elements inside the Airstream, from the lights and shelving to the curtains, headboards and coat hangers are magnetic.

Grolsch’s trademark red-and-white cap and curved wire closure has been cleverly incorporated into the design of the trailer. There’s also a “dream book” in which guests can record their dreams and musings for other campers to read later. A life-size pin wall separates the sleeping area from the lounge and can be formed into endless 3D sculptures and silhouettes. A large photograph of the natural beauty of the Elgin Valley will be printed onto a role of magnetic wallpaper and precision-cut into puzzles pieces which visitors can put together.

The iconic, aluminium-clad caravan of the 1940s perfectly reflects Grolsch’s innovative and independent spirit. The park consists of 10 vintage trailers and is another one of SA’s gems, it’s gorgeous, innovate and will have you nostalgic about childhood camping holidays.