The magical figures of the Haas Brothers

These LA-based artists blur the lines between nature and psychedelia.

The Haas Brothers, a multidisciplinary art collective from Los Angeles, has recently completed their latest body of work. Entitled King Dong Come, the team takes a playful view of the meeting point between nature, psychedelia, sexuality and science in sculpture form.

The King Dong Come exhibition is divided into two distinct rooms. The first is a corridor, a kind of magical forest that is home to the majority of the collection’s whimsical, mushroomoid pieces. The not-quite-animal-nor-plant sculptures are positioned in clusters leading to the centrepiece at the back where the 9-foot tall King Dong rests in his sanctum-like abode.

King Dong Come

Typical to their style, Haas Brothers used an atypical assortment of materials to create this sculpture collection. Textiles include synthetic fur, technical resin, brass, bronze and porcelain.

The Haas Brothers have a rich history of unusual creativity. With an opera-singing mother, a stone-sculpting father and an actor brother, twins Nikolai and Simon were encouraged to foster their art from an early age. Years later, the duo formed the Haas Brothers in 2010 and have been collaborating with fellow artists over a number of design platforms ever since. 

King Dong Come will remain on display at the R & Company Gallery in New York City until 5 January 2017.

King Dong Come