For the love of GIFs

Collective exhibit.gif puts out a call for a creative distillation of real life into the humble form of a GIF.

Arts collective exhibit.gif are putting out a call for submissions for a second exhibition celebrating GIFs on 30 June 2016 at the Knext Art Gallery in Cape Town. 

The theme for this year’s exhibition is “inreallife.gif”. The humble .gif has been around for 29 years now, and the exhibition seeks to explore how .gifs have become so integrated into our everyday life. Artists, illustrators, professionals and interested amateurs are being asked to attempt to distill a bit of real life into a GIF and submit it to the exhibit.gif website before 24 June 2016.  

Here are some GIFs from last year's exhibition. 




Sunscream by Baden Moir and Lauren Walker for The Plastics

You can find more information on the exhibition on the exhibit.gif Facebook page.