Love of the common people

The Felicity Project Change your City, Change your Life graphic design competition is starting a conversation around community life.
Felicity Project logo
Felicity Project logo

The Felicity Change your City, Change your Life international graphic design competition wants to start a conversation around community life.

The competition is calling on graphic designers from all over the globe to express, manifest and symbolise solutions for better cities, in turn, promoting better communities.

You can participate by submitting an intellectual proposal, which may be critical, constructive, thematic or social in scope. The proposal would look at the place of graphic art in times of crisis. It would analyse whether graphic art can be used as a tool to propose new solutions and transmit ideas and opinions.

The second way of participating in project is by submitting ideas for intervention, offering active, real, practical and urban solutions to improve the quality of life.

Special themes to pay attention to:

  • Integration of different cultures and religions
  • Citizen needs: youths, disabled people, the elderly, social outcasts
  • Technological innovations
  • Interactions between urban and natural areas within the city
  • Safety

The deadline for entries is 31 July 2010. Check out their website,, for more details. Winners works will be displayed at an exhibition in Venice in October 2010.