Love and mystery

Mister Handsome is Jason Wishnow's short film about love, imagination and some of the dark sides of human nature.
Posted 14 Dec 11 By Design Indaba Creative Work / Design News Comments

Jason Wishnow makes movies. He also makes things that aren’t movies but are very much movie-like.

He is the “film director at large” at TED. Here he supervised the video team through the first half-billion views.

And now Wishnow presents Mister Handsome, a 14-minute short film that he directed.

It’s “a love story between a grown-up girl and a mysterious friend from her childhood (plus a case against moving in with your parents)”.

Wishnow questions and answers two assumptions about the film:

Q: Is this a romcom?

A: Kind of. It's more of a dark parody of a romcom.

Q: Because I don't watch romantic comedies.

A: Not a question. And yes… you do.

Now Wishnow simply advices you to “butter up some popcorn, sit back on your comfiest couch, and enjoy!”