A light in the dark

Paul Cocksedge has designed a bicycle light that is simple, safe and secure for the everyday cyclist.

Paul Cocksedge recently created a simple, safe and secure solution for everyday biking.

London designer Cocksedge recently launched his second project, the Double O bicycle light on the popular crowd-sourcing platform Kickstarter. The design aims to revolutionise the market for bicycle lights and provide an intuitive and practical solution for cycling enthusiasts and leisure users alike.

Cycle safety was a crucial element in the design of the Double O and the resulting product is a simple, safe and secure light for everyday cycling, says Cocksedge.

Double O, named after its distinctive shape, takes its inspired from the form of a bicycle and the fluid motion of cycling. The design is user-friendly as it simply attaches magnetically to the bicycle-mount supplied ultimately making it easy to get on and off, minimising any fidgeting motion that gets in the way of cycling.

It consists of two “O” shaped lights, one white light for the front and one red for the back. When not in use, these magnetically connect together to protect the LED face.

As with some many people, cycling is an essential part of my life, and cycling safety is crucial. I’ve used many bike lights but I feel some things could really be improved. I wanted to design a bike light and the inspiration for Double O comes directly from the shape of a bicycle. I wanted something that almost looked like the bike had designed it itself, says Cocksedge.

The lights can be charged using a USB charger making it easy to be visible on the roads without much hassle.

This project will only be funded if the desired amount of money is raised by 30 April 2014. You can support the project here

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