Laser lines

Here’s a template to create infographics in an instant.

Infographics are all the rage, and certainly becoming the way to understand data in a world of information overload.

To further popularise inforgraphics, Golan Levin created an adjustable stencil that allows anybody, anywhere to spray paint pie-chart data visualisations on their own.

Available for free online, Levin’s stencil comprises a set or re-arrangeable letters and a flexible pie-chart pointer. This allows for the message to be adjusted as necessary.

The stencil letters are designed to be held in place with adhesive tape. The cut-out of the letters allow for a particular attention to detail.

Levin is an artist and educator who teaches at the Carnegie Mellon University. He also directs the Studio for Creative Inquiry, an interdisciplinary arts-research centre in Pittsburgh.