Kitchen topology

Matali Crasset's "Topologies Affectives" installation is a light graphic intervention that redefines space.

Matali Crasset created the Topologies Affectives installation for Alessi Shop Museum at the Designer’s Days exhibition at the Paris Design Week recently. Companies involved in the design week invite designers to create special installations in their mono label shops on the Rive Gauche and Rive Droite.

Topologies Affectives reveal three networks of affinities in the space created by the Alessi products year after year. Organised into families that are not related to the categories of the Alessi catalogue, the structure of the exhibition allows for a more personal and subjective reading by the visitor. By following the three colourful strings that extend across the exhibition space, visitors can zigzag between the shelves to experience the installation from different perspectives.

The result of this installation is a “peculiar connection”, according to Crasset. It’s about experiencing the place in a different light. The three-colour path makes the space more dynamic and welcomes a deeper understanding of the philosophy driving Alessi products.

Watch the Talk with Matali Crasset