Joy to the wall

There’s nothing like a little paint to jazz things up. Amateur Indian creatives are taking matters, or paintbrushes, into their own hands.

The Wall Project in Mumbai started when an enthusiastic group of young people decided to do something to add some colour, form and texture to their city. The Wall Project, which started in an old East Indian village in Bandra, aimed to use minimum resources to brighten up public spaces to make the area feel more alive and to instil a sense of pride in the people that pass by it every day.

Since the group started their painting early in 2008, more and more locals have joined in the fun. They are lucky to have the support of their local municipal corporation, which means that all that’s now needed are the creative ideas for the murals. A five-kilometre stretch of wall along one of Mumbai’s busiest roads was painted, with paints, brushes and refreshments supplied by the municipality.

The group’s plan is to now take the project beyond Mumbai to bring lights, colour and creativity to the often neglected walls of other town and cities.