For the joy of reading

Designer Y Tsai has conceptualised a new interior for the Belville Children's Library that strikes a balance between space for books and space for reading.

From the Series

Cape Town-based designer Y Tsai has conceptualised a new interior layout and design for the Belville Children’s Library that aims to encourage young readers to explore books and enjoy the reading experience. 

“While a library is a depository of knowledge, it is also be a place that celebrates the joy of reading,” he says.  “The design proposal for the Bellville Children’s Library focuses on creating a balance between spaces for books and spaces for reading.”

He wanted to create a variety of reading spaces for the kids to choose from, ranging from private window booths, public stepped seating, to informal lounge area and formal reading tables.

Tsai opted to divide the space into three zones: one aimed specifically at toddlers, one general zone and one catering for teens.

The entrance to the Children’s Library is opened up for better, friendlier access. Colourful circular bookshelves create a meandering route to promote a sense of exploration and discovery among the young library-goers. 

The first zone caters specifically for toddlers and features what Tsai calls a “reading-pen”.  This multifunction playpen provides a space interior space for children to play, read and draw in. The low, easy-to-reach shelves that form the reading pen are filled with age-appropriate books and also provide informal seating for other users.

The second zone is a small stepped amphitheater. This provides a gathering space where children can listen to readings or talks. It also provides an informal reading space lined with books.

At the back of the amphitheater private reading booths provide a quieter space for reading.

The third area is for specifically geared towards the needs of teens and young adults. Here again Tsai provided different options and readers and choose to sit at the more formal reading tables or the more relaxed reading lounge depending on their specific needs and preferences.

The project is due for completion in March 2015. 

Watch the Talk with Y Tsai