Japanese lifestyle

Shigeru Ban took part in Kenya Hara's "House Version" exhibition, showcasing the Western influence on Japanese lifestyle.

Shaping and highlighting urban living in Japan, Shigeru Ban’s housing prototype reflects the various influences of Western lifestyle on traditional Japanese living.

Japanese architect Shigeru Ban teamed up with products provider Muji to take part in Kenya Hara’s House Version exhibition. The exhibition seeks to showcase Japanese approaches towards urban living and the structures that shape these changing attitudes.   

While Muji has found a niche market by essentially freeing the brand of ever-changing consumer tastes, Ban has designed a pavilion to highlight the brand’s decision to low cost products, making them more accessible to a wider consumer.

Ban and Muji’s contribution to the exhibition cites Japanese tendencies for age-specific living traditions, while incorporating Western influences to symbolise the increase in flexible lifestyles and highlight a well-grounded balance between cultural tradition and the changing of societies.

Ban and Muji’s furniture units work as elements of the actual architectural structure, while space divisions and storage is designed as do-it-yourself systems.