Issues of informality

The South African Informal City exhibition in Johannesburg, during COP17, aims to encourage dialogue around urban development.
Informal city. Photo: Tanya Zack.
Informal city. Photo: Tanya Zack.

The informal city is the subject of an exhibition that runs until 11 December 2011 at the Bus Factory in Newtown, Johannesburg.

The South African Informal City is an initiative of the Architects’ Collective and forms parts of the technical site visits offered by the Local Government Programme for COP17, which takes place in Durban from 28 November to 9 December 2011.

Looking at South Africa’s most relevant and innovative design and research projects in terms of urban migration issues, the 20 works featured in the exhibition aim to promote dialogue around informality and urban development.

Photo: Lone Poulsen

Inner city informality, in-situ upgrading, catalytic projects, un-built projects and backyard interventions are the five categories in which the projects are presented.

Cooperation, information sharing and positive action between policy makers, practitioners, academics and civil society is what the exhibition aims to promotion, together with taking a critical look at informality and urban development. “The exhibition will provide opportunities for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, and for existing research and realised projects to become part of a greater public debate,” says Karen Eicker, Architects’ Collective director.

Informal city. Photo: Tanya Zack.