Nendo have used a variety of doors as shielding elements to create a surprise experience for customers in a new clothing shop in Japan.

Indulgi is a small new clothing shop that recently openend in Kyoto, Japan, with Nendo responsible for the design of the space.

Indulgi is designed with shielding elements so that the space can never be viewed in its entirety. Rather, the different elements appear and disappear from view, changing the way the customer experiences the shop as they move around it.

Lots of doors can be found around Indulgi, all of them opening and closing at different angles so that the degree of visibility into the space can be controlled. There is also a combination of “real” and “fake” doors that adds a surreal element to the space.

The “fake” doors are used to hang things, for shelving and as mirrors.

Nendo explains their reason for incorporating so many doors in Indulgi: “Opening one door brings not only surprise but the desire to open the next, creating a space that evokes curiosity in all its visitors.”