Illustrative interactions

The wise old owl is given a quirky makeover by Melissa Maloney in her illustrations.

Cape Town-based graphic designer Melissa Maloney always has her sketchbook at hand. She believes that, at any given moment, putting pen to paper can result in that perfect illustration.

Maloney has always been interested in how people’s interaction with the world influences the way they view the world. As such, she spends much of her free time doing “quirky, colourful and fun illustrations” that simply reflect the world as she sees it. The characters that Maloney portray each have a unique story to tell.

Inspired by ordinary daily experiences and activities, indie music and her fetish for owls, Maloney says illustrating allows her to let go of reality and enter her own creative world where she can be just who she wants to be.

Looking forward, Maloney hopes to start illustrating children’s books and would love to see her illustrations appear on pillows, bedding, cutlery and pottery.