Like an illusion

A series of wallpapers representing a metamorphosis reveals some unexpected and disorientating images.

This series of RGB wallpapers by Italian design agency Carnovsky has elements of the both the gothic and the fantastical, and would sit as comfortably in a circus as in a trendy club. Created for Italian wallpaper brand Janneli & Volpi’s Milan shop, it was first presented during the 2010 Milan Design Week.

The wallpaper features overlapping illustrations. Depending on whether a red, green or blue light is shone upon the paper, different elements of the illustration are revealed. It is possible to see the different layers comprising the image, using a filter (a coloured light or transparent material). Each of the red, green and blue filters reveal the three patterns “hiding” in the design. Seen without a filter the colours mix, the shapes and lines entwine making the images difficult to distinguish.

Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla are the Carnovsky duo. With these designs they wanted to “represent the antique theme of the metamorphosis intended as an unceasing transformation of shapes from a primordial chaos”.