Ignis uses household materials to create a safe, reliable source of energy

Antenna 2019 speaker Tobias Trubenbacher created Ignis to help provide clean and affordable energy to those without access to electricity.

Tobias Trubenbacher, a graduate from the Berlin University of the Arts recognised that nearly 1.3 billion people around the world are living without electricity. While some may be living in remote areas where access to electricity grids can be difficult, others are living in areas where there has never been access to an electricity supply due to financial or technical reasons. 

Trying to address this problem, Trubenbacher was inspired by his childhood family trips in the German Alps. During these trips, he, together with his family would camp out in mountain cabins and only have access to the bare minimums. Use fire has a source of heat and energy, Trubenbacher created the Ignis. 

Ignis is a tool that uses the heat provided by fire to create an electric current. Storing this electricity, the tool can be used as an energy source for just about any appliance. If there is no source of flame or stovetop, Ignis is also capable of running off of burning ordinary household liquids such as oil, spirits or frying fat.

The tool is also fitted with a high powered LED light which provides people with the most basic, yet fundamental need for electricity. 

“Ignis provides a solution. A solution that is able to provide people around the world with access to electricity in a safe sufficient way. People can now use renewable materials as a source of energy,” says Trubenbacher.