Hyper Reality

An experimental augmented-reality system could separate your visual point of view from your body.

What if you could detach your unique visual point of view from the rest of your body?

This might sound like a very sci-fi/out-of-body experience but it is also the premise of designer Maxence Paranche’s HyperReality system.

Paranche has created an experimental augmented-reality system that allows for the detachment of your point of view from your body.

HyperReality uses Microsoft Kinect to scan your physical environment and to then display it inside a virtual-reality helmet. This, in turn, lets you rotate the visual angle any way you like. So, inside the helmet your local environment is rendered as an array of monochrome dots. An Arduino-powered glove with force sensors allows the user to further rotate the 3D view around the virtual, scanned environment.

Paranche told FastCo.Design: “You're still able to physically interact with all the "real stuff" around you, but you can also pan your "mind's eye" around the scene separate from your own body, just like you would in a video game.”