The hidden graphic design behind flags

Stories behind flags from an artist’s point of view.

More than 50 per cent of all national flags consist of a basic three-coloured horizontal striped layout. Countries in Oceania tend to use blue in their flags while most African countries opt for green as the primary colour. Red is the most popular colour in flags across the globe.

These are just some of the fun and quirky facts, comparisons and information infographic design studio by Ferdio - a Copenhagen-based company - explains in their latest range of infographics.

According to Birger Morgenstjerne founder & Managing Director at Ferdio, each flag tells a country’s unique story. In the same breath he asks the question, “How unique is a flag when it comes to the graphic design?” 

The Flag Stories project explores the world’s flags and discovers hidden stories about flags.  Despite the numerous books and websites covering the different aspects of flags like their history and culture, this series of infographics adds new information by creating simple and beautiful visuals. Morgenstjerne says by comparing the data of layouts, colours, similarities, symbolism and proportions they uncover interesting stories like, the most common symbol per continent and the most popular colour.