Hexagonal inspiration

Inspired by hexagonal patterns found in nature, Haldane Martin's collection of coffee and side tables are efficient and aesthetically pleasing.
“Hex Coffee & Side Tables” by Haldane Martin
“Hex Coffee & Side Tables” by Haldane Martin

From bees’ honeycombs to the Giant Causeway in Ireland, hexagonal patterns are prevalent in nature due to their efficiency. Haldane Martin has taken advantage of the six-angle shape and designed a series of coffee and side tables, ideal for any space or home.

Haldane Martin’s latest collection of coffee and side tables titled "Hex", take inspiration from hexagonal patters found in nature to create a series of tables that can be arranged in a variety of interesting patterns, optimising space usage and efficiency.

Easy on the eye, the collection’s aesthetical appearance falls in line with the beauty in natural hexagonal shapes and objects. Each table features a honey-coloured solid brass top, which creates an attractive reflective surface pattern and guides the user in creating pleasing arrangements or nesting the tables away.

For efficiency and ease of use, the top and base of each table simply screws onto solid brass legs ensuring the shipping, storing and assembling of tables are quick and efficient.

“Hex Coffee & Side Tables” was launched at the Southern Guild Heavy Metal exhibition earlier this year. 

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