Greenhouse effect

Shigeru Ban's "Tamedia Building" is made entirely out of timber without the use of nails, screws or glue to keep it together.

Near completion, Shigeru Ban’s “Tamedia Building” appears to resemble a greenhouse owing to its solid glass outer shell.  

Reported to be the largest timber frame construction in Switzerland, Japanese architect Shigeru Ban’s design for the Swiss media company Tamedia’s headquarters is almost complete.

Using the Japanese master carpentry method of eliminating the need for joint hardware, nails and glue in its construction, the structure is made entirely of timber, which interlocks into a network of nodes. The structural system is four storeys high and is enclosed by a glass skin for an enhanced impression of contemporary innovation in architecture.

“Tamedia Building” is carbon neutral and conforms to the strict Swiss environmental regulations, while further being sensitive to how it may affect the convergence of the river Sihl and the cityscape. 

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