Grand gesture

Shigeru Ban's proposal for the new Swatch and Omega Headquarters represents an assertion in brand identity.

Timber, glass and trees all come together for a grand architectural gesture.  

Two of the most famous Swiss brands are building new and expanded headquarters and have appointed Shigeru Ban for the overall design.

Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has won an architectural competition challenging designers to come up with an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient proposal for the Swatch and Omega headquarters.

I have great confidence that this project will move very smoothly, with a very successful proposal for this 21st century – not only for the city of Biel but also for Switzerland and for the world, says Ban.

His proposal takes into consideration the relationship between existing landscapes and brand identities. As Swatch and Omega are famously known for their innovative design styles and processes in watch-making, Ban plans to design expanded premises which looks at revolutionary ideas in architecture.

The buildings will be made from solid timber frames, drawing reference to the city of Biel’s famous timber technologies.   

For the landscape architecture, Ban will consider existing trees and supplement them by planting more trees and greenery. A hiking trail and recreational area will be constructed in order to include the outer community, making it a place for all.